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Vertebrata Palasiatica ›› 2006, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (01): 28-42.

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An overview of Triassic fishes from China

Jin Fan   

  • Online:2006-03-15 Published:2006-03-15



Abstract: The Triassic fishes are widely distributed in China. The freshwater ichthyofaunas mainly from northern China are characterized by primitive actinopterygians, and they are closest to those from Siberia and Middle Asia, and also contain some forms similar to the fishes from other regions of Laurasia and the Gondwanan continents. Most of the known fishes from the Ordos Basin are possibly of marine. The marine ichthyofaunas from southern China are characterized by " subholosteans" , and include the modern groups of halecomorphs and the basal forms of teleosts. The Middle-Late Triassic marine fish fauna is much more diversified than the Early Triassic one, and is closely related with the ichthyofaunas in western Tethys. The Lower Yangtze region of South China is probably the cradle of some Triassic fish groups ,e. g. Saurichthyidae. The Triassic fishes in China still await comprehensive investigations.

摘要: 三叠纪鱼类在中国分布广泛。与当时“南海北陆”的古地理格局一致,淡水鱼类主要分布于北方大陆的河湖相盆地,但也见于扬子板块与北方大陆碰撞后的四川盆地;海生鱼类则主要分布于华南和喜马拉雅地区。值得注意的是,鄂尔多斯盆地已知的三叠纪鱼类中,多数为海生类型或与海生鱼类密切相关。中国的淡水三叠纪鱼群主要由原始辐鳍鱼类组成,它们与西伯利亚和中亚的鱼群最为相近,但也有与劳亚大陆其他地区及冈瓦纳大陆的鱼类相似的属种。海生鱼群则以“亚全骨鱼类”为主,并包含鲱亚部的进步类群和真骨鱼类的基干类型。华南扬子区拉丁至卡尼早期的鱼群远